Inspire Lighting Limited is your expert for advanced, energy-efficient lighting and light management systems tailor-made to provide the right working conditions for your employees. The best type of lighting that an office can have for optimized productivity is good old natural daylight. The color temperature of daylight is typically between 5000K and 6400K.

Bright white light that mimics daylight can improve performance for people at work. In addition to aiding people visually and helping them complete tasks that are otherwise impossible to complete without artificial light, the brightness and wavelength of ambient light can also impact the human circadian system, biological clock, mood, and alertness.

Is Fluorescent Lighting Bad for Office Workers?

Yes, because:
•Fluorescent lighting causes migraines
•Fluorescent lighting causes sleep-pattern disruption
•Eye strain
•Causes Boredom

Is LED Lighting Better than Fluorescent Lighting?

LED lighting is definitely better for businesses as it is more energy-efficient, the bulbs last a great deal longer and the lights can be dimmed as required so they use much less energy.

Quality of light for Office space

Work is where we spend more than one third of our life, thus the type of environment we work in has serious impact on our health and safety. The quality of light deeply influences how happy and productive we are at work.
Illuminance, uniformity and glare control are key photometric parameters to ensure visual performance.


The reception area is the first contact space
with clients and vendors; it is critical that
lighting in this zone be both inviting and
appropriate. A combination of natural lighting
and our luminaires help create a dramatic or
energetic environment and adequate lighting
at all times.

Avoid an excessive contrast between outside and inside light conditions. Welcome visitors with a blend of direct and indirect, to create friendly atmosphere, and stage the front desk area appropriately so it is recognised at once. Highlight architectural features with accent lights to make the entrance or foyer area come alive, telling visitors a story about your company, its visions and its personality. Use lighting to guide visitors in a way that feels natural to them


Visitors often have to wait a moment for their contact to arrive. This should be a pleasant experience; guests should never feel neglected or abandoned while waiting. A comfortably-arranged, well-lit seating area will keep visitors happy and relaxed, and bio-active light will support a positive mood and attitude, making sure every moment of your visitor’s stay leaves a positive impression.

Daylight makes us feel more at ease. During the day’s darker hours, a well-balanced combination of direct and indirect lighting contributes to a light and glare-free environment. Glare-free vertical light against the walls is also important in the waiting room for increasing the eye’s light intake.


Light creates space. Architectural details in transit areas such as corridors, staircases and bathrooms can be turned into veritable indoor landscapes by combining various types of lighting fixtures, colors and effects, including daylight, to emphasise visual depth and spatial layers which are pleasing to the human eye. Key elements such as seating areas, passages, ornaments, doors, lifts or signage can be highlighted using spots and focussed lights, and wall or strip lights can be installed to improve orientation.

Inspire Lighting Limited also offers smart light management systems to help maximise energy savings by dimming lights when no human presence is detected, and making optimal use of the available amount of daylight.


The long-term, cost-effective alternative is changing to LED lighting. LED lighting is defined by longevity and low maintenance costs, and a radically-reduced use of electricity of up to 65%.

Our Linestra LED luminaires are defined by their energy efficiency that is perfectly suited for full illumination of parking garages and underground parking lots, without unpleasant dark areas that you find in many parking spaces. This strengthens the security of both your parking garage and that of its users.


Meeting rooms need careful attention because the range of activities spans from one to one talks via presentation to big conferences. At the same time, the interior and lighting design communicate the company culture internally and externally.
A flexible lighting scheme with efficient control systems supports the various uses of the meeting room. Ceiling luminaires provide efficient background lighting and lighting for more demanding tasks.

Spotlighting and wall washers light up details or walls and create variation. An easy to operate control panel should contain various light settings to support activities such as e.g. note taking, presentations or conversations.

A good presentation light is needed to see the presenter’s face well. This light would need to be synchronized with screen based presentations or videos.


Open-plan offices are a world on their own, needing to meet the requirements of individual workers while simultaneously creating positive and motivating overall atmospheres. For lighting design this means each desk must be illuminated without glare and in accordance with standards. Large floor plans make designing more difficult due to the higher requirements for glare limitation.

Inspire Lighting Limited products offer complete flexibility in this respect. Thanks to a wide spectrum of luminaires, even complex room situations can be functionally and attractively illuminated, enabling users to individually control their lighting.


Quality, flexibility and efficiency are the key features of Inspire Lighting Limited for closed offices. The standard-compliant and glare-free illumination of rooms and individual workstations supports concentrated and fatigue-free work in the long run. If activities change, then lighting conditions can be rapidly modified to the new requirements.
Some lights are installed in the ceiling or on walls while others are placed directly at workstations for task lighting.

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