Terms & Conditions

  1. Object

The present conditions regulate the acquisition of products offered on the website www.inspireluxe.co.ke, the owner being Inspire Luxe.

The acquisition of any of these products leads to the complete acceptance of each and every one of the present General Conditions, with no repercussions on the acceptance of the Particular Conditions which could be applied with the reception of certain products.

These General Conditions may be modified without any prior notice; therefore it is recommended that you carefully read these contents before proceeding to acquire any of the offered products.

  1. Identification

INSPIRE LUXE, in compliance with Law 34/2002 of July the 11th of the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, informs of the following:

  • Business name: INSPIRE LUXE LIMITED
  • Registered at: NAIROBI KENYA.
  • Registered in: The Company Register under the Attorney General’s office. (NAIROBI, KENYA)
  1. Communications

To communicate with us, we offer different means of contact which can be seen below:

  • Tel: +254745921212 (Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00)
  • By sending a message to our Customer Service, found in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website.

All notifications and communications from both users and Inspire Luxe will be considered efficient, in all aspects, when conducted through any of the means mentioned above.

  1. Products

The offered products, along with their main characteristics and price, will appear onscreen.

INSPIRE LUXE reserves the right to decide, at any moment, which products and/or services will be provided to Clients. In this way, INSPIRE LUXE can, at any moment, add new products and/or services to the currently offered. Likewise, INSPIRE LUXE reserves the right to remove or stop offering, at any moment and without prior warning, any of the offered products.

All those without prejudice of the acquisition of any of the products will only be able to access them through the subscription or registration of the USER, INSPIRE LUXE would then provide a username and password, which will be used to identify and personally allow access to the products.

Once inside www.Inspireluxe.co.ke, and to access the procurement of different products, the USER must follow all of the instructions shown in the order process, which entails reading and accepting all of the general and particular conditions placed on www.inspireluxe.co.ke.

Due to that INSPIRE LUXE products can be sold in bulk amounts if a specific item is purchased at different times (for example, a month apart), it’s possible that the color temperature or design may vary due to small changes made during the manufacturing process. Clients must understand that once a product’s stock runs out, or if the product is ordered at different times, the next batch may be slightly different in design/tone/ color.


Offers presented on www.inspireluxe.co.ke are only valid within the existing time limits available. INSPIRE LUXE reserves the right to modify the assortment of products in function with the difficulties imposed by their providers.

  1. Availability and substitutions


INSPIRE LUXE aims to ensure the availability of all products shown through www.inspireluxe.co.ke. However, in the event that a requested product is not available or has run out of stock, the client will be informed within 24h of placing the order. In the event that the product isn’t in stock when the order is being placed, the user will have the option of RESERVING said product, so that it can be provided as soon as it becomes available.

If the product is not available and the client has been informed, INSPIRE LUXE can supply a product of similar characteristics without increasing the price, in which case, the client can accept or reject the offer, exercising their right to renouncement and the termination of the contract.

In the event that an entire order, or part of it, is unavailable, and the client rejects the offered substitute products, a full refund will be provided within 15 natural days.

Orders purchased with only a voucher cannot be refunded.

  1. Purchasing process

To make a purchase on www.inspireluxe.co.ke, it’s necessary that the buyer be over 18 years old.

Also, it will be necessary for the client to first sign up to www.inspireluxe.co.ke through a data collection form, through which INSPIRE LUXE will be provided with all the required data necessary for a contract; data which is truthful, precise and complete regarding your identity. The client must also expressly accept INSPIRE LUXE’s privacy policy.

Likewise, it’s recommendable that clients print and/or keep a backup copy of the sale conditions when the order is placed, as with the confirmation receipt sent by INSPIRE LUXE by email.


Alongside your order, you’ll receive the corresponding invoice.

To this effect, the client is aware that said invoice will be remitted in electronic format. The client will receive the invoice in the email provided to INSPIRE LUXE on the website www.inspireluxe.co.ke.

  1. Delivery


The order will be delivered at the address designated by the client when registering, depending on the selected method.

Deliveries are available to the following places: Within Nairobi.


  1. Orders will be delivered to the person and address shown on the order:

Orders will be delivered via courier service, UPS, DPD Group and DHL. The order will be considered ‘delivered’ when the courier delivers the package to the client, who signs the delivery note. It’s up to the client to verify the condition in which the merchandise is delivered, and any anomalies must be indicated on the delivery note of the courier.

The maximum delivery time will be 2-5 days, depending on the shipping method chosen.

Orders will be delivered to the client within 24-96 hours, starting from order, or sale, confirmation (regarding COD payments), always when the client has made the order before 15:30h. For express delivery, the client must place the order before 13:00h. Orders will not be delivered on weekends or holidays.

If an order is delayed in transit for any reason, INSPIRE LUXE will not be held responsible.

  1. Prices, expenses, and tax

Product prices that are listed on www.inspireluxe.co.ke will be expressed in Kenya Shillings, unless otherwise stated, and are guaranteed during a certain time, except for misprints and whichever is the destination of the order.


The final prices of all products (where applicable, the final price for a unit of measure, when necessary) together with their characteristics, offers, discounts, etc., will be reflected in each of the articles that appear on the www.inspireluxe.co.ke catalog.

  • All products include VAT.
  • Current VAT is 16%. However, any changes in VAT rates will be automatically applied to the price of the products on sale.
  • Other additional costs: In the event that the payment of products is carried out through Cash on Delivery, the client will assume the corresponding commission charge. When a client makes a purchase through the PayPal system, the client will cover the surcharge determined by the platform as management costs. Return costs: Vary depending on the type of return, if an order cancellation is received before the merchandise is shipped, the client will not be charged.

Product prices can vary at any moment. In this case, the price to be applied would be the price present on the date the order was placed. Either way, the final costs will be communicated to the client during the electronic purchase process, before the order is accepted.

  1. Payment methods

We have placed at your disposal these various payment methods:

  1. By Credit / Debit Card

You may immediately pay through our banks safe-payment SSL gateway. If a refund was necessary or the order was canceled, the total would be refunded to the same card used to pay. All data, both personal and bank-related, is protected by security measures established by the Organic Act, 15/1999 of December 13th, on Personal Data Protection and its development regulation with complete confidentiality.

INSPIRE LUXE accepts payments made through VISA, MasterCard and MasterCard SecureCode. When placing the order, the client will provide their card data, which are stored directly in the 4B gateway during the order process. INSPIRE LUXE does not store any information regarding credit cards. Due to internal reasons, payment management will be performed through the Santander Bank, with this having no implications for the client.

  1. By Bank Wire

This method of payment consists of a bank transfer or cash payment of the order total in favor of the bank account owned by INSPIRE LUXE LIMITED, into the account number included in the email sent when the order is placed. When making the transfer, indicate both the client name and the order number.

Orders that are placed in this manner and are not paid for within 7 days after order confirmation will be automatically canceled.

  1. Cash on Delivery

The client will make the full payment in cash at the moment the merchandise is delivered to the address designated when placing the order.

INSPIRE LUXE reserves domain and complete ownership of the article until the entire payment is made by the customer, including any possible errors of the seller of the courier.

  1. PayPal

The order payment will be authorized through PayPal, but no money will be extracted until PayPal has verified that everything is correct. To do this, you must have a PayPal account.

This service will have a surcharge of 2.7% + £ 0.35 on top of the order total, as shown in the breakdown of the order.

  1. Returns and renouncement policy

As established in the normative, the consumer and user have a right to RENOUNCE the contract during a 14 natural day period, without having to give a reason and without charge, except those found in art. 107.2 and 108 of RD1/2007, of the 16th of November, which approves the text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users.


The client will have a period of 15 natural days from the delivery of the ordered product/goods to inform INSPIRE LUXE that they wish to renounce the contract.

This renouncement implies that INSPIRE LUXE will proceed with the return of the amount paid by the client within a maximum period of 14 natural days, following the same procedure was chosen by the client for their refund.

During this period, the consumer will communicate to the company their wishes to renounce the contract, filling out the form found at the end of this document and sending it to INSPIRE LUXE’s email address.

INSPIRE LUXE will communicate to the consumer in a durable medium the acknowledgment of said renouncement.

In order to proceed with the return of a product, it is imperative that the item is found in perfect condition and in its original packaging, with all its accessories and not having been used once.

Once the request is received, we’ll contact the client to indicate the return details.

The client will cover the cost of the return of the merchandise.


No substitution or refund will be provided for products manipulated by clients, misused, broken, etc. In this case, it would lose all warranty. In the event that a product is found to be faulty, the return costs will be covered by INSPIRE LUXE. Excluding the previous situation, the return costs will always be covered by the client. If the order cancellation is received before the order is shipped, the client will not be charged. In the event that a product must be replaced, the replacement may not be identical to the previous, although the replacement will always be superior to the previous model, as LED products and their efficiency are constantly advancing. In the event that the product is found in good condition, but the box, plastic or packaging is found to have suffered damages, the return will not be accepted, as would happen on the contrary. Both the collection of the product and its subsequent return will be handled by INSPIRE LUXE through our courier service.

Refunds can take 15 business days (maximum) from reception at our facilities to be provided to clients. A voucher can take up to 10 business days to be provided to the client’s customer account.

Check our After-sales Service conditions.

  1. Warranty

Products acquired through www.inspireluxe.co.ke have a 2 year warranty period, starting from the date of invoice (valid as of September 30th, 2017), which covers possible factory defects that the product could suffer, as with any breakdown that could occur during the said period.

The buyer will have a 2-year warranty, which is valid from the date of purchase shown on the invoice. Upon request, an extended or custom warranty can be considered, after assessing the conditions of application. INSPIRE LUXE will not be held responsible for damages caused by a non-professional installation, products that have been manipulated by the client or anyone not authorized by the manufacturer, inadequate use, manipulation and/or short-circuits, water damage or any apparent sign of incorrect treatment.  The product to be repaired must always correspond to that which was shipped by INSPIRE LUXE, adjoining the delivery note and/or the invoice. In the event that a product requires repairing, the client will manage the repair directly by processing and preparing the shipment. To do this, contact INSPIRE LUXE and request both the necessary instructions and RMA authorization. It’s important that all returns made to technical support be well packaged and protected, with no stickers or labels on the original packaging of the products. In the event that a product reaches our facilities with damages that are due to incorrect packaging or insufficient protection, the reparation or return may not be covered by the warranty. For this, the client should use the original packaging and protection, if possible. If this is unavailable, use a resistant box with enough space to include enough protective material underneath and all around the products (paper, bubble wrap, foam, etc.), enough material to stop the items from moving while inside the box. On the shipping label, include the RMA number provided by INSPIRE LUXE.

Warranty is excluded from all consumable goods, whose deficiencies are caused by incorrect uses or manipulations, different network connections to that which is indicated, incorrect installation or other defects derived from exterior causes.

Regarding durable goods, the consumer has the right to adequate technical service and the availability of spare parts during a 5-year period, starting from the date that the product is no longer being manufactured, without any possibility of increasing the price of spare parts used for the reparation.

To find out which steps should be followed regarding product problems or breakdowns, you can contact:

  • The INSPIRE LUXE customer service by calling the following number: +254745921212 (Monday to Friday 8:30h till 5h).

To avoid problems regarding the installation or manipulation of purchased products, make sure that you have followed both the installation instructions and the steps on how to correctly use a product, found in the user manual.

If the acquired product still does not work correctly, contact either customer service or the manufacturer’s technical assistance, or if unavailable, their representative or distributor.

Normally, technical services will request the following data:

  • Invoice number.
  • The name of the exact model.
  • Serial number.


The warranty does not cover damages caused by external factors, such as peaks or drops in voltage, abnormal use of products, fire, water, electrical storms, accidental falls or an incorrect use caused by persons or companies not authorized by INSPIRE LUXE. Likewise, the guarantee doesn’t cover wear due to hours or the incorrect use of hours, or breakdowns caused by the incorrect handling or storing of the product, before or during use. Also exempt from warranty are claims for natural loss of brightness and deterioration. INSPIRE LUXE reserves the right to have each returned product inspected by independent professionals, the warranty being canceled if competent authorities find that the damages have been caused by the client or user, as with partial damages caused to enforce the use of the warranty for the return or refund of the product. In this case, the inspection costs will be covered by the client. INSPIRE LUXE is not obligated to indemnify the client or third parties for the consequences of using the product, or loss of benefits or profits.

SPECIAL CONDITIONS: The warranty period is based on a 4000 hour per year function, with a maximum ambient temperature of 25ºC and a 10mm space around the bodies of the LED products. This warranty only covers products applied to their official use, the use for which they were designed, or ‘average use’ as described here:

– The working conditions are in accordance with the information shown on the products and their packaging.

– The ambient temperature must never surpass 80% RH or the IP rating of the product.

– The products must work in an open luminaire (and in closed luminaires for LED Tubes), with a minimum of 10mm around the bodies of the products.

– The electrical installation in which the product works must not be submitted to voltage fluctuations ranging between 230v+/-10%

Products which work at 220-240V and do not accept multi-voltage must never surpass a maximum of 240V If not, the luminaire can suffer damages that aren’t covered under warranty.

Check out our After-sales Service conditions.

  1. Liability and disclaimers

The consumer and user has a right to product reparation or substitution, to the lowering of the price or the resolution of the contract, as established in Chapter II, Title IV, Book II of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users.

If the product does not correlate with the contract, the consumer may opt for the reparation or substitution of the product, both being free of charge for the consumer. This will be provided within a reasonable amount of time in function with the nature of the products and the finality for which they were destined.

If, after being repaired and delivered, the product still does not correlate with the contract, the consumer may request a substitution, the lowering of the price or the resolution of the contract.


INSPIRE LUXE will be able to suspend, retire or partially or completely cancel products not submitted to contract at any moment and without prior warning. The previous provision will not affect products that are reserved by registered users or which are subject to previous contracts, which will be carried out per the specified conditions.

  1. Customer service and complaints

In order to make a claim or complaint to INSPIRE LUXE, the client must direct themselves to the customer service department by sending an email to the email address found in the Customer Service section of the website.

According to the online dispute resolution on consumption in the EU and in accordance with article 14.1, Regulation 524/2013 (EU), we inform you that the European Commission provides all consumers with a platform for online dispute resolution that’s available via the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

  1. Governing law

The parties submit, at their request, to resolve conflicts and renounce any other jurisdiction, including the courts of the customer’s home. The language used will be English.